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Counselling and Therapy Services


Individual therapy, also know as Talk Therapy or Psychotherapy, can be tailored to meet your unique needs. It is proven effective in the treatment of: anxiety, depression, trauma, abuse, anger, interpersonal conflicts or relationships, grief/loss, family of origin, self-esteem, stress, career counselling, as well as general life function and many more. Individual Therapy can employ a variety of evidence based treatment approaches such as: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Person centred Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness-based CBT, Trauma Focused CBT, among other approaches.

If you have questions regarding whether or not Individual therapy can meet your needs, please contact us to explore the possibilities together. 


Children and youth are considered to be those aged 6 -16 or youth over age 16, who continue to live in the family home. Therapy can be used to address many of the struggles and challenges children experience such as: anxiety, depression, anger, grief, low self-esteem, poor social skills, family changes (separation/divorce), trauma or abuse (sexual, physical, emotional, family violence), challenging behavior and more. Treatment approaches with children may include talk based approaches like: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Trauma Focused-CBT,  Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT) or creative modalities such art, clay, writing and play. The modalities used will be adapted to match your child’s individual expressive style. Parents/guardians may also be involved in the therapeutic process, supplementing and supporting treatment goals outside of the therapy sessions. Therapy with children can be a positive opportunity to help your child learn new skills, express their feelings and foster resilience. 

If you feel your child could benefit, please reach out. 


Who attends Family therapy is determined by your family's needs. It may include the entire family unit, parents, blended families, or specific family members .Families may seek counselling when they are faced with a range of issues such as: family dysfunction, parenting style conflicts, children with challenging behaviors, coping with a family member who has mental illness or addiction, experiencing grief or loss, recovering from experiences of Intimate Partner Violence, or experiencing family transitions (separation, divorce, blending families). Counselling as a family involves collaborating with family members and your therapist to determine your treatment needs and goals.  Treatment may focus on problem solving, skill development including: effective listening, communication skills, parenting styles, as well as how to manage interpersonal conflict, depending on your family's unique objectives. 

If you feel your family may benefit from counselling please contact us to book an appointment.


Relationships take work, couples  counselling can enhance that work; potentially resulting in feeling closer or more connected to your partner, improved communication and increased abilities to meet each others’ needs. Couples may seek counselling when experiencing: poor communication, lacking closeness or connection, challenges with intimacy, conflicting parenting styles, difficulties with conflict resolution resulting in arguments/conflict, experiencing financial stress, navigating blending families, or as an effort at reconciliation. Treatment may include exploring each person's interpersonal style, enhancing your ability to effectively use your emotions to identify your needs, improve listening and communication skills, or improving home life through addressing functional problems in the relationships. You do not need to do this work alone. Whatever the struggle or treatment plan, a necessity in all effective couples counselling is commitment to the work by both partners, because relationships take work.

 If you would like to enhance your relationship please contact us to book an appointment. 

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